Resources for neonatal transfusion

Lifeblood in collaboration with three health services has developed free resources for anyone involved in neonatal transfusion to improve outcomes in neonates.

Transfusion consent for neonates: A shared decision

This video shows an example of shared decision-making when a transfusion is being considered for a neonate. In this demonstration, Dr Andrew McPhee is talking with actors who are playing the parents who have decision-making capacity.

Learning outcomes:

  • Explain the benefits and risks of a blood transfusion to parents whose child requires a blood transfusion.
  • Present information that is easily understood.
  • Ensure that parents understand why transfusion had been recommended and other possible treatment options.
  • Ensure that the parents priorities and beleifs are taken into consideration.
  • Gather informed consent from parents.

For consumers

For health professionals

Contributors: John Hunter Children's Hospital, Newcastle, The Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, and Women's and Children's Hospital, Adelaide