iTransfuse App is now better than ever

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The bedside transfusion support tool that all residents need has been updated and now includes more tools and resources to promote safe transfusion practice.

The first of its kind in the world, iTransfuse complements our existing range of available resources. 

It promotes safe, appropriate and evidence-based transfusion by providing bedside access to transfusion education tools and resources.

The app now includes:

  • correct prescription of red cells, platelets and plasma
  • diagnosis and management of transfusion reactions
  • reversal of warfarin in all clinical situations
  • correct maternity blood management, and
  • a library of transfusion resources available for download.

iTransfuse was developed following extensive consultation with junior medical officers to find out what tools would be best suited to their needs.

Download the free app today on the App Store or Google Play.