White Alert

Health Service /Coordinating Clinician Transfusion Laboratory Service
  • Review and activate emergency product management arrangements.
  • Notify customer base of status.
  • Place institution on alert.
  • Arrange inter-hospital transfer to ensure equity of access.
  • Provide inventory levels and demand trends to the NBA as requested, via BloodNet where available.
  Red Cell Platelets Plasma (and recombinant products)
  • NBA Chief Executive (General Manager for plasma) determines national shortage is occurring or likely to occur.
  • BloodNet/National Inventory Template (NIT) indicates shortage or inability to meet future demand.
  • Product in stock or work in progress (WIP) at a known or potentially high risk of failure.
  • Acute shortage has occurred in more than one jurisdiction.
  • A shortage in one jurisdiction will impact on more than one jurisdiction; or
  • Initiating jurisdiction has <5 days stock for 8 days.
  • National stock levels at <0.5 days for 2 consecutive days.
  • Supply of platelets to jurisdictions has been compromised.
  • Nil additional.
  • Nil additional.
  • Ensure units of platelets are distributed according to age and group mix.
  • Nil additional.
Desired outcome  To increase collection and production to build stock levels while meeting demand for emergency services and other clinical requirements.

National Blood Authority National Blood Supply Contingency Plan v2.0. July 2019. [Accessed 6 April 2020]. Available from: https://www.blood.gov.au/nbscp


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