Yellow Activate

Health Service /Coordinating Clinician Transfusion Laboratory Service
  • Escalate emergency product management arrangements.
  • Adhere to Blood Product Response Plans for red cells, platelets and plasma (and recombinant products) - see below.
  • Identify a clinician to coordinate and authorise all product orders.
  • Commence centralised coordination of requests.
  • Commence centralised vetting process for all product requests.
  • Liaise with clinician(s) responsible for triage, coordination and authorisation of orders.
  • Ensure any surgery is in line with Department of Health directives.
  Red Cell Platelets Plasma (and recombinant products)
  • Actions in White Alert phase have not rectified the situation.
  • BloodNet/National Inventory Template (NIT) indicates continued inability to meet future demand.
  • Product in stock or work in progress (WIP) at a known or potentially high risk of failure.
  • Initiating jurisdiction has <3 days stock.
  • National stock levels are between 3–5 days.
  • National stock levels continue at <0.5 days of stock.
  • Current and anticipated supply of platelets to jurisdictions has been compromised.
  • Nil additional.
  • All requests for affected products from the hospital to be authorised by a named senior clinician within health service.
  • Track status of all orders.
  • Restrict supply to Platelet Priority 1 and 2 including HLA/HPA matched platelets.
  • Use apheresis and pooled platelets interchangeably (except for HLA/HPA matched platelets).
  • Do not request long dated platelets.
  • Accept platelets of a different ABO group (in line with adult and paediatric guidelines).
  • Accept leucodepleted platelets instead of CMV negative / non- reactive platelets where clinically appropriate.
  • Accept RhD positive platelet units where RhD negative platelets are not available and administer anti-D where applicable.
  • Because of the diverse range of products and associated clinical indications for this product group, there is no specific clinical guidance.
  • Implementation of triage measures that involve a restriction on clinical practice will only occur following clinical advice from relevant peak clinical bodies and jurisdictional clinical experts.
Desired outcome

Decrease non-urgent product use so that available products can be redirected to meet life-threatening and/or other agreed priorities. 


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