Red Activate

Health Service /Coordinating Clinician Transfusion Laboratory Service
  • Implement national strategies agreed by the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC)/ Council of Australian Governments (COAG), including regarding surgery.
  • Transfer product as directed by governments/NBA /Lifeblood or Suppliers and update BloodNet.
  Red Cell Platelets Plasma (and recombinant products)
  • Actions in Yellow activation phase have not rectified the situation.
  • BloodNet/National Inventory Template (NIT) indicates continued inability to meet future demand.
  • Product in stock or work in progress (WIP) at a known or potentially high risk of failure.
  • National stock levels are <3  days.
  • National stock levels continue at <0.5 days and may deteriorate further.
  • Current and anticipated supply of platelets to jurisdictions has been compromised.
  • Nil specific.
  • Triage affected products use for life-threatening and other clinically assessed priorities.
  • All requests for affected products must be authorised by a named senior clinician within the health service. These requests will likely need discussion with the NBA and Lifeblood.
  • Track the fate of each unit of affected products.
  • Return unused products to Lifeblood if requested so that they can be reallocated for use at an alternative location.
Desired outcome 
  • Affected products use is triaged for life-threatening and other clinically assessed priorities.
  • Affected products use in elective surgery is restricted and procedures are compliant with jurisdictional emergency arrangements.
  • Ensure national consistency in triage of medical and surgical blood use if situation is sustained.



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