Green De-activation

Health Service /Coordinating Clinician Transfusion Laboratory Service
  • Participate in briefing as appropriate.
  • Undertake internal debrief and evaluation of hospitals/ health service blood management governance group or emergency product management teams processes and amend as necessary; Transfusion Laboratory Service to participate as required.
  Red Cell Platelets Plasma (and recombinant products)
  • Affected products nationally have returned to a pre-white alert level that is acceptable and the incident that led to the shortage has been resolved.
  • NBSCP improved for possible future crises and, if possible, new measures are introduced to decrease the likelihood or impact of a similar situation.
Desired outcome 
  • Evaluation of the activation for areas of NBSCP improvement and adoption of any new measures as recommended by the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC).

National Blood Authority National Blood Supply Contingency Plan v2.0. July 2019. [Accessed 6 April 2020]. Available from:


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