Coronavirus: Update on blood safety

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Current position

We have assessed the blood safety risk from SARS-CoV2 as low and expect it to remain low. Internationally, other blood services have independently and unanimously arrived at the same conclusion.

We are continuing to very closely monitor blood product demand, particularly with the expected resumption of elective surgeries.

There are no inventory shortages or restrictions outside the normal day-to-day fluctuations at this point in time. Lifeblood appreciates the ongoing focus on appropriate usage of blood and blood products within hospitals and healthcare organisations, especially managing use of O RhD negative red cells.

Following patient blood management (PBM) principles remains important. For patients who are symptomatic, but not bleeding, transfuse a single unit then reassess. Each unit prescribed is an independent clinical decision and transfusion risks are dose dependent. Want more information? Check out the Single Unit Transfusion Guide  by the National Blood Authority on why and how to implement a single unit policy.

You can read more about the measures we are taking to keep the blood supply and our donor centres safe, and changes to our eligibility criteria here on or on the Lifeblood website where you will also find regularly updated FAQs.