Calling all haematology registrars in 2021

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Join us for an innovative 2-day transfusion workshop on 13 March and 14 March which provides a case-based practical review of common and important serological and clinical issues that can come up in transfusion medicine practice.

Facilitated by transfusion medicine specialists and scientists, this workshop is specifically designed for haematology registrars prior to their Part I FRCPA examinations, and provides exposure to the full scope of transfusion medicine for all trainees.

Topics include:

  • Antibody identification and provision of blood for transfusion
  • Blood group discrepancies
  • Haemolysis
  • Transfusion complications and adverse events
  • Transfusion issues in transplantation
  • Obstetrics and paediatric transfusion support
  • Massive transfusion
  • Perioperative patient blood management

In-person sessions will be facilitated in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth in collaboration with one another.

Registration and further event details are available at

For our international audience, please send us an email for details on how you can participate.