Beyond the Blood Book webinar series in 2021

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You asked for us to explore some of the 'hot' questions raised by the Blood Book: Australian Blood Administration Handbook - and we listened.

This new pre-recorded webinar series is a running feature in our 2021 transfusion education calendar and based on the hugely popular physical resource.

Launched last year, the Blood Book includes comprehensive information to help health professionals – particularly nurses – practice safe transfusion.

These webinars are aimed at those who already have a safe basic level of knowledge and practice but who want to know and understand more. 

This series will be presented by a panel of Lifeblood's nurses, scientists and clinical experts.

Some of the topics include answering your questions about medications, compatible fluids and blood fridges, blood component and clotting factor administration.

The first webinar will be released on 23 February at 1.30 pm (AEST). Register now.

It's based on the book you want within reach to help safe transfusion practice, so if you don't have a copy, order one now.

We'll send a free copy to you or your organisation.

Order one here.