Order your 2022 Transfusion Orientation Packs

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This resource has proven extremely useful in promoting safe transfusion practice and delivering education and training materials to Junior Medical Officers (JMOs). 

Next year, we're offering two options as we look to reduce Lifeblood's carbon footprint and find that more people are accessing their resources online. 

Option 1: Postcards directing JMOs to an online version of the pack along with hard copies of our popular lanyard cards.

Option 2: Hard copies of the entire pack to distribute to JMOs.

The following tools are included in the pack:

Blood Component Prescribing Checklist - an overview of the transfusion process for the blood component prescriber.

Guidance for appropriate prescribing of red cells, platelets, and fresh frozen plasma.

 Acute Transfusion Reactions Poster - guidance for the identification and management of acute transfusion reactions

Quick reference cards (Acute Transfusion Reactions Card, Blood Compatibility Card, Blood Prescribing Card, Warfarin Reversal Card) - bedside resources to assist with blood component compatibility and prescription, acute transfusion reaction management and warfarin reversal.

Our aim is for every JMO across the country to have access to this pack to help with their safe bedside transfusion practice.

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