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Q&A now has two new topics - warfarin reversal and pretransfusion clinical practice - to help test your knowledge of transfusion practice and patient blood management.

You either have the option to complete a quick quiz or receive CPD points by enrolling in the topics and successfully answering questions via SMS or email.

The questions on warfarin reversal will ensure you are able to :

  • state the incidence and risk factors for bleeding on warfarin
  • describe the steps to prevent and manage a high INR, and
  • apply the principles and guidelines for warfarin reversal to clinical case scenarios.

And having completed pretransfusion clinical practice, you should be able to:

  • explain the labelling requirements for pretransfusion testing
  • outline the importance of ABO/Rh typing and screening/identification of clinically significant antibodies during pretransfusion testing
  • list the requirements of a request for blood products, and
  • apply the principles and requirements of pretransfusion testing to clinical case scenarios.

Explore the new topics here.