Pack Check

A learning resource for checking the pack and patient before transfusion

Correct patient and pack identification remains one of the most prevalent and preventable hazards of transfusion. It’s vital to provide a final identity check of the patient and blood product at the patient’s side, immediately before blood administration.

Lifeblood originally developed Pack Check to teach and reinforce good transfusion practice for nurses, midwives and medical students. The 2019 version has been updated to include additional case scenarios as well as changes in practice and blood labels.

The updated Pack Check includes:

  • information for the educator
  • information for familiarisation with the blood component label (including both the Codabar and ISBT 128 transition labels)
  • an updated checklist for fresh components transfusion administration
  • a new checklist for fractionated blood products
  • eight learning scenarios with patient, pack, prescription and learning activity
  • additional questions (with answers) to extend the learner’s knowledge, and
  • information on further learning resources available.

Students are actively involved in learning. They can test their baseline knowledge, undertake a patient side check of blood component pack, patient and prescription as they learn the importance of correct identification and matching the product and the patient.

They can learn more as they engage in the clinical scenarios, reinforcing and extending their knowledge.

Download your resources:

A digital version of the blood component label and transfusion administration checklist can be found on our app, iTransfuse, in Google Play or the App Store.

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