The following Blood Services resources are available as apps. We are developing more resource and education apps, so keep an eye on this page.

Mobile Apps

Adverse Events

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This app assists with decision-making at the bedside. Our eLearning module supports your understanding of adverse events.

Download this app from the iTunes store or find the android version in Google Play.


Blood Prescriber

App icon_97px.pngThe pupose of the app is to assist health professionals, particularly inexperienced junior doctors, in the appropriate, evidence-based prescription of red cell and platelets for transfusion.

Blood Prescriber also contains a transfusion checklist and information about special requirements to assist with your transfusion decision.

Download this app from the iTunes store or find the android version in Google Play.

Blood Typing Game

App icons FINAL - Blood Typing - 97 px.pngThe Blood Service developed these games to explain the basic science of transfusion testing to students and laboratory staff.

Blood Typing explores the world of red cell agglutination, antigens and antibodies in a game environment, making transfusion science fun.

A series of four games will help you master ABO and Rh typing and compatibility testing methods.

Download this app from the iTunes store or find the android version in Google Play.

How Much Blood?

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This app uses height and weight to calculate the amount of blood in your body, then shows blood components and their function in the body.

Download this app from the iTunes store or search the term How much blood? in the iTunes app store.



Website applications and tools

Transfusion Q&A

Make sure your transfusion knowledge is up-to-date with quizzes you can take online or have sent to your mobile at intervals of your choice.

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High Ferritin

Patients with iron overload conditions may be eligible for the therapeutic venesection program at the Blood Service.

This app is designed to guide GPs and specialists through the referral process. Paper-based referrals for new patients will no longer be accepted from 1 May 2013, or for existing patients after 1 February 2014.

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Audit Tool

The Audit Tool provides health professionals with free easy-to-use online audits.

It has been developed to assist hospitals with their clinical transfusion and patient blood management audit activities.

Each audit is based on national standards and/or guidelines including the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards and the Patient Blood Management Guidelines.

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