The Audit Tool

The Audit Tool provides health professionals with free easy-to-use online audits

 Lifeblood Audit tool mock up.png
The Audit Tool has been developed to assist hospitals with their clinical transfusion and patient blood management audit activities and allows for benchmarking results. 

Each audit is based on national standards and/or guidelines including the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards and the Patient Blood Management Guidelines.

New users need to create an account to access the tool. As part of this process, users are required to agree to the Audit Tool’s Terms of Use. Once registered, you will have access to all active audits and will not need to re-register for subsequent audits.


Download the Guide

To download a comprehensive information guide about the tool, click here.

Audits currently available on the Tool include:

  • Blood Fridge Maintenance Record       
  • Bedside Identity & Blood Checking
  • Consent Policy & Documentation
  • Specimen Collection Observation
  • Maternity Blood Management
  • Transfusion Documentation

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