Selection of blood donors

Australia's blood supply is provided by volunteer, non-remunerated and low-risk donors.

We follow the Guidelines for the Selection of Blood Donors (GSBD) which lists all the eligibility criteria for acceptance and deferral of blood donors.(1)

Donors who are selected must have:

  • satisfactorily completed a confidential interview

  • declared about high-risk behaviour, practices and circumstances that prevents them from donating blood

  • satisfactorily completed a health assessment that includes a questionnaire on past and present medical conditions

  • satisfied minimum physiological criteria

  • been instructed to contact Lifeblood, even after donation, with any information that may be relevant to their health or which may affect the suitability of their donation.

Accurate donor selection and the decision to accept a blood donation is centred on the safety of the person donating the blood and the safety of the individual receiving the blood and its components.(1)


  1. Australian Red Cross Lifeblood. Guidelines for the Selection of Blood Donors. Australia, 2019.