Blood component label

Blood component labels contain clinically important information about a specific component.

Labels can have modifier texts which specifies modifiers of the blood component, such as red cell phenotype or CMV antibody status. You should be familiar with their meanings.

Always transfuse components only when labels confirm desired characteristics of blood issued for transfusion: for example, components that have been processed (eg, irradiated) or are either positive or negative for particular antigens [eg, RhD, Rh(E) or K].

For information on an updated list of component codes as well as more examples of labels on specific blood components, a document on Label and Component Information details specific barcode information, label code descriptions and packing slips.

The Blood Service will be adopting the ISBT 128 labelling standard from 29 July 2018. Click here for more information about the ISBT 128 Transition Label.