Blood component Codabar label

The label format (shown in the image below) is the previoulsy used Codabar linear format. On 18 November 2018 Lifeblood moved to the ISBT 128 (Information Standard for Blood and Transplant) labelling standard for blood component labels.  Click here for more information about the ISBT 128 Transition Label.

There will be a period of mixed inventory as some Codabar labelled blood components will not expire for some time after the implementation of ISBT 128 (e.g. 10 years for frozen/deglycerolised rare red blood cells). Specific details about Codabar labels are found in the Label and Component Information document.

Remember to check labels prior to transfusion to ensure that the unit meets the transfusion requirements of the patient.

Right patient, right product, right time.

07 LRI Codabar Label without header - 900px wide.png