Paediatric size components

An adult size (one standard adult dose) component can be divided into four packs (red cells, fresh frozen plasma) or three to four packs (apheresis platelets) of equal volume to create components suitable for transfusing to infants and children.

When should I use this modification?

This component is indicated for small volume paediatric transfusions which minimises product wastage. Also if repeated transfusions are required, multiple packs from the same donation can be reserved for one recipient thereby reducing donor exposure.

Paediatric component doses

The required component dose for infants and children should be carefully calculated and prescribed in mL, rather than ‘packs’ or 'units', to prevent errors and avoid potentially dangerous circulatory overload.

Red cells

Standard paediatric dose is 10 to 20 mL/kg (unless there is active major bleeding).

Alternatively use transfusion formula:
Volume to be transfused =  patient’s weight x (desired Hb – patients current Hb) x 0.5

Apheresis platelets

For children <15 kg the standard dose is 10 to 20 mL/kg.

Children >15 kg may receive a single adult pack (approximately 300 mL).

Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP)

Standard paediatric dose is 15 to 20 mL/kg


Standard dose for all patients is 5 to 10 mL/kg although dosing based on the recipient’s weight is also used.