National Inventory Template

The National Inventory Template (NIT) was developed by the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood in 2009 and is used to collect and report both internal (Lifeblood) and external (transfusion laboratories) blood component inventory levels and to communicate availability of blood components to transfusion laboratory customers.

The NIT is distributed twice daily by email and provides a snapshot of the Lifeblood’s inventory status and any restrictions on supply, ensuring transparency of access to blood components. The NIT information is shown in the body of the email and a printable PDF version is also provided.

The NIT shows the available inventory of red cells, platelets, fresh frozen plasma, cryoprecipitate and cryodepleted plasma, with a heat map showing the number of days coverage and colour-coded prioritisation status:

  • FULL (green): Orders for stock and individual patient requests are met in full.

  • HALF (yellow): Orders for stock are only supplied to 50% and individual patient requests are met in full.

  • MO (pink): Both laboratory (AHP) and individual patient requests are referred to a Medical Officer.

  • N/R: Not required due to insufficient local demand.


For more information, please refer to the following frequently asked questions.

As part of our continued focus on improving the service and information we provide, Lifeblood has introduced a new format National Inventory Template (NIT) for fresh components from 10 September 2018. The format of the NIT has been simplified so that only the key information about inventory status is communicated. 

Improtant changes are shown below:

  • The number of days of available inventory is shown instead of the prioritisation status.
  • Prioritisation status is indicated by colour only: green for "Full", yellow for "Half" and pink for "MO".
  • Platelets prioritisations are displayed by ABO and Rh.
  • Cryoprecipitate prioritisations are displayed individually for Whole Blood and Apheresis.

A PDF version of the NIT is included as an email attachment for easy printing. This can also be printed in black and white.

The distribution list for the NIT has been reviewed and sent to a wider audience.
If you wish to be removed or added to the NIT distribution list, please email Lifeblood Communication or contact your local Customer Services Transfusion Scientist.

The NIT will be emailed to you twice daily:

  • 6am and 12PM for all states (except WA)
  • 12pm and 4pm for WA

The NIT is now an automatically generated report from our systems and will be sent from Cognos Reporting at Lifeblood, Please check your email filter settings. 

If the inventory status is at ‘MO’, orders for stock and individual patient requests are referred to a Lifeblood Medical Officer. Individual patient orders are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

The reports that are provided to you (on behalf of your laboratory) contain information about component availability to guide issues for stock or replenishment orders.

Some laboratories choose to print the single page summary report and display it in the laboratory so all the staff can see the inventory status.

Should you have any queries or require further information please contact your local Transfusion Scientist or email Lifeblood Communication.