Do you work in a lab? We need your feedback

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A short online survey will soon be distributed to laboratories around the country to help determine transfusion–related education and training requirements.

This survey is aimed at the pathology workforce and has been developed by Transfusion Policy and Education (TPE) as part of the Blood Service.

Feedback received from laboratory managers, scientists, technicians and assistants will ensure we continue to provide a range of engaging education opportunities.

These will be suitable for all levels of the laboratory workforce to help you build, advance and extend your career, particularly in the area of transfusion medicine.

Your responses will help us identify future educational needs of the pathology workforce and improve the delivery, content and quality of TPE education and training based on your identified learning preferences, preferred topics and the type of information you would like to receive.

The survey will be distributed at the beginning of November to transfusion laboratory managers who will be asked to forward it on to all staff to guarantee a range of responses.

It will be open for four weeks and should take around 10 minutes to complete.